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Sydney Cake


August 29, 2015

FullSizeRender 61. Metropole Cafe – Sydney CBD (left)
Queen Victoria Building, Level G
The ‘Nutella’ cronut at QVB’s Metropole Cafe is more of a sugar cronut with a hint of Nutella. The cafe is often buzzing with tourists and business-people having a snack of a coffee, but the croissant-donut was a surprise. Unsure what to expect of the hybrid, we were just short of disappointed. Having only heard of the cronut hype and never actually seeing or touching one, any kind of cronut would have been exciting to say the least. In essence, however, M Cafe’s is a dry donut pretending to be a cronut – but then again, it may be a convenient stop on your way to or from Town Hall. [Nutella Cronut – $4.50]

FullSizeRender 52. Becasse Bakery – Sydney CBD (right)
Westfield, Pitt St. Level 5
Straight up the escalator on Pitt St. to level 5 Westfield is Becasse Bakery, surrounded by the city’s most extensive food offerings. The selection of ‘kronuts’ (as well as other pastries and desserts!) is overwhelming, including salted caramel, chocolate and more – currently topped with a macaron each. The Salted Caramel Kronut caught our attention with the sparkling gold macaroon, but it was not a regrettable choice. The ‘kronuts’ at Beccase taste fresh and crispy, combining the croissant texture and donut softness perfectly. The salted caramel was a filling with salt rocks and cinnamon flavours complimenting the pastry. [Kronut – $8.50]

FullSizeRender 43. Brewtown Newtown (left)
6-8 O’Connell St., Newtown
Brewtown is a popular destination in Newtown, known for its coffees and organic dishes – and now, its cruffins and cronuts – or ‘brewnuts’ – too. The range of croissant-hybrids is more than that of any other, including the ‘cruella’ donuts as well. The last Dulce de Leche Cruffin (croissant-muffin) was a must-have, and we also tried the Chocolate Crumble Brewnut. The cruffin was undeniably good, filled with dulce de leche with a crunchy croissant texture. The brewnut could have been better, but the crumble and chocolate ruined it – the cinnamon brewnut may be a better choice. [Prices vary ~ $4.50]

FullSizeRender4. Platform No. 8 – Parramatta (right)
Westfield, Church St., Level 1
Hidden in the lower level in Westfield’s food court, Platform No. 8 is a cafe offering both cruffins and cronuts in a variety of flavours. Reminiscing on the cruffin from Brewtown, we had to try the Nutella cruffin at Platform 8. Also craving the Salted Caramel Kronut from Becasse, the Caramel Cronut was a must-try. Maybe the first best experience with a croissant-hybrid can never be beat, but the pastries from Platform 8 could not compete – the cronut did not taste as fresh, though the filling was delicious, and the nutella didn’t compliment the cruffin like the Dulce de Leche. [Cruffins – $7.50 / Cronuts – $8.50]

speedos5. Speedos Cafe – Bondi
2/126 Ramsgate Avenue, North Bondi (left)
North Bondi’s Speedos Café is infamous on Instagram, and with the cronut trends increasing, Speedos was quick to include the croissant-donut hybrid into its treats.
The range of cronuts here is extensive, with injectable chocolate and caramel drizzles, fresh fruit toppings and more! Better yet, daily cronut flavors are displayed right by the entrance for maximum mouth-watering. As hard as the choice was and will be, we had to go for the Malteser and Reese Cronuts.
As good as they look though, the taste and texture can’t live up to its aesthetics. Speedos has definitely nailed what an appealing cronut should look like, but it’s slightly dry, and the flavors don’t perfectly match. If you’re looking to take photos of cronuts, Speedos Café is the place to go, but if you want to indulge and enjoy one of these beauties, direct yourself back to Becasse Bakery. [Cronuts – $13]

6. The Missing Piece – Macquarie (right)
Macquarie Centre, Herring Rd., Level 3
Macquarie Center’s The Missing Piece café has gotten an enormous amount of attention since its recent launching, infamous for its daily drinks and shakes that are only revealed each day on their Instagram profile.
The cronut, however, is an even more recent addition to TMP’s collection of sweets and desserts – though it was just a matter of time for this in-trend café. Having been disappointed by food and drinks here before, we were skeptical (to say the least) about trying out their cronuts, but no harm no foul. As advised by the TMP staff, we opted for the Nutella and White chocolate cronut, decorated with a strawberry and mini wafer cone. Apparently, this was their most popular, and (in his words) if we had waited any longer, there probably wouldn’t be any left. Fortunately, we went back to check an hour or two later – they were still all there. The croissant was a bit too soft and soggy, with almost no flavor to hint either Nutella or white chocolate. [Cronuts – $6.50]

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