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Fun For All Ages | Things to do at Luna Park

December 28, 2014


Luna Park is at Milson’s Point station or a 45-minute walk across the Harbour Bridge from Wynyard Station – take this walk if you have time, it’s gorgeous views without the Bridge Climb charge. The Luna Park face is famous, so our honest intention of going was just for that.

Other people have their own reasons for visiting Luna Park, whether it’s a family day, a school trip or a date, but there’s surprisingly something for everyone at the Sydney theme park. From a theme-park/roller-coaster perspective, Luna Park is a little short – but that’s as good as it gets in Sydney. If you’ve been to Dreamworld, Wonderland or Adventure World, you might be disappointed about the rides. Otherwise, Luna Park has the Hair raiser, Coney Island, Ferris Wheel and so on.

Unless you’re really looking for the thrill and adrenaline of a heart-racing upside-down turn, there are so many things to do at Luna Park. The location of the park itself is beautiful for a summer day, so take your friends or family and have a picnic by the pier. There are numbers of food stalls along the park with fish and chips, wraps, hot dogs and more kinds of carnival snacks to enjoy. Not to mention, if you opt out of the rides there’s always cheap tossing games and more for you to win fun prizes! Luna Park is also just a nice area to walk around from Bradfield Park or the Harbour Bridge.

Luckily for all ages, Luna Park offers all kinds of tickets and promotions – you can get unlimited annual passes (if you really love it THAT much), unlimited day passes (for the kids?), accompanying adult passes and so much more. We weren’t so excited to try every ride so we bought Sampler Passes ($16) for entry to 2 rides (the Hair Raiser – higher than it looks, and the Tumble Bug).

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