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A Month of Asia | Night Noodle Markets

October 28, 2015

The Night Noodle Markets were bigger – and better – than ever this year, and if you missed out, you’ll definitely want to read on and drool over what might be in line for 2016.

Another Foodie adventure in honour of Sydney’s Good Food Month, the Night Noodle Markets are held through October in Hyde Park from 4 or 5pm onwards.
If you’re impatient like us, there’s no way you’ll want to go any later than 1 hour after opening time – some of the lines were as long as 20 meters and more. Don’t forget that Hyde Park is completely packed with stall after stall of glorious Asian food, so Instagram stalking some food posts beforehand doesn’t hurt!
Note: if you’re a Citibank cardholder, you can show your card at the VIP booth for private seating and other benefits.

*** The following stalls and menus may or may not be offered again in 2016 ***

onetealoungeWe made our way to Hyde Park at 4pm on a Sunday to beat the crowds. Our first stop was One Tea Lounge, which we saw on #nightnoodlemarkets and couldn’t resist. The matcha-based, fusion-inspired restaurant created burger sliders and soft-cream baos, all made or topped with green tea. We wanted to try a bit of everything, but saved dessert for another stall, so we opted for the 3 mini sliders with Pork, Chicken, and Beef. The first was a ramen burger, which was crisp and crunchy with perfectly complementary flavours in the filling – luckily, these were mini; a standard-size ramen burger may have been overwhelming! The second was a rice burger with some sauce, which was again, overwhelming but nice in a bite-size. The third was a matcha ‘baoger’ with green-tea based buns – the bun tasted more like a dessert, which wasn’t so great with the chicken filling. We also ordered the matcha fries – who knew the two would go together? As long as you didn’t pick the matcha-overload fries, they were good.
messina Our next stop was Gelato Messina’s Maxi Wonder Bao stall, where we had to get the Bao Chicka Bao Bao – a deep-fried bao with peanut-flavour gelato and chocolate sauce drizzled with crushed peanuts. This is exactly what it sounds like and it is divine! There were so many other treats from Messina that were hard to say no to, but we could only pick one with all the other stalls around! The deep-fried Bao was crisp, but as the ice cream melted it got slightly soggy, so eat it as soon as you can! The peanut gelato was absolutely perfect and went so well with the milk chocolate sauce and crushed peanuts. Gelato Messina clearly went the extra mile to perfectly-craft their Wonder Baos.
We couldn’t resist some sticky rice and mango, and a coconut – or two – from Chat Thai’s Dessert stall. The coconuts were so fresh and young, which were perfect for a spring/summer’s day. The sticky rice and mango was made just like in Thailand, with coconut milk and fried mung beans. This is probably something you could get at Chat Thai on any day, but we had no regrets.
Our final stop was at Daniel San’s skewers stall, where we got one of each of the Chick Chick Boom (chicken) skewers and the Pow Pow Pork Diced (pork) skewers. Perfectly barbecued and glazed, these were the perfect finish!

The Noodle Markets are a huge jump from last year’s selection, and we can’t wait to see what 2016 has to offer! Mark it in your calendars now, Sydney – we love you Good Food Month!

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