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Sydney Beaches | Palm Beach

December 6, 2014


Palm Beach is one of Sydney’s less known beaches, likely for its lack of accessibility. About a one-and-a-half hour drives from Sydney’s CBD, or a commute by public bus, Palm Beach is a hidden treasure of quiet, enjoyable seasides. Unlike the bustle of Bondi beach, the Palm Beach area is made up of several bays and empty cafes, sailing clubs and shops. It is slightly deserted, but in a relaxing way.

Apart from enjoying finally having a beach to (almost) yourself, there are many other things to do at Palm Beach – you can choose between kayaking rentals and guides, surfing lessons and taking a boat out. Take your pick, and if you can, spend the night for a weekend getaway.

We took a Saturday to check it out and packed some suncream, sunglasses and ciders. The drive isn’t as bad as it sounds, and the bay-after-bay of beaches gives you variety of choice. We went for a quieter beach and missed out on the kayaking – but it sounds like a must-do!

Unfortunately, apart from rent a room and hang out all day, there isn’t much else to do in Palm Beach. It’s almost a length away from civilisation and just empty enough for you to enjoy a day or two away.

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