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Good Food Month | Parramatta Lanes

October 14, 2015

kaytercoParramatta Lanes Food Festival is an annual event set up across Parramatta’s alleyways and hideouts. In honour of Sydney’s good food month, #ParraLanes is a dream come true for foodies in Western Sydney. Tended to by Sydney food’s trendiest, the festival features a range of connoisseurs bringing you the ultimate best in creating unique and stunning treats to showcase their talents.

So let’s get to the good part –

Kayter Co (@kayter_co) is the reason we forced our tired butts to visit Parra Lanes on day 1. While browsing through Instagram and coping with our foodie obsessions, I came across the most eye-catching fruit I had ever seen – a Kayter Co coconut! Complete with a selection of Salted Caramel, Cookies and Cream, or Fruit Sensation, each was a fresh-filled coconut topped with literal food-art. We went for the Salted Caramel (but it was a tough choice!) and I could have had so many more if I didn’t want to browse the rest of the Lanes. With light whipped cream, caramel-dipped chips, salted pretzels, and a caramel-covered Oreo. Yum! Unfortunately, we missed out on their Cronuts on days 2 and 3…

With our Coconut, we had a Bulgogi roll – average and would have been better as a Beef Bulgogi with rice – and a Vietnamese Chicken roll – not bad, but nothing special. The dessert was definitely the star of this show.

larryPiccolo me (@piccolome) is the reason we went to Parra Lanes again on day 3. To be honest, we wanted to try their nutella-based treats on the first day, but we found out they had run out 2 hours before we arrived. We made sure to get there as early as we could on Thursday, and Piccolo was the first destination. They had a selection of the Maltella (fried Nutella ice cream), Nutella iced coffee, and cups of hot chocolate topped with a cronut. Apparently we have bad luck, since they ran out of the cronut-tops by the time we got there. Still, we managed to try their Maltella and nutella iced coffee – delish! The Maltella was crisp on the outside with creamy nutella ice cream perfectly intact on the inside. The iced coffee was overwhelming after a few sips, but great as a taster.

We topped our meal off with a OG Monster Roll filled with Beef and Coleslaw, as well as a Mint Lychee and Watermelon Shake from Happy as Larry.

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