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The Grounds Garden Bar

November 2, 2015
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The Grounds Garden Bar is the ideal spot for quick food – and sometimes that’s all you really need in the bustle of the Grounds. We tried the Garden Bar partly because we were too hungry to wait for the lines at the Potting Shed or the Café, but we also wanted to try a bit of everything the Grounds has to offer.

IMG_3512 We heard that we couldn’t miss out on the Grounds’ avocado smash, so we got that at the Garden Bar along with some chips. It was crazy how fast they called our names – it seemed like they had pre-made all the dishes.
The avo smash is interestingly unique at the Grounds, spiced with chilli and refreshed with lemon dressing. The avocado and feta were fresh and soft, but some of the tomato slices looked old and were a very dark (almost black-ish) red. The bread was also not as fresh as what you would get in the Café, though that may have been because it was pre-made. The chips were pretty good, but you can never really go wrong with those!
We also had to have one of the tropical drinks – passionfruit, watermelon, pineapple and mint. This would have been delicious if it weren’t for the ginger added to it (the menu didn’t list ginger so it’s definitely an unpleasant surprise if you’re not a fan of ginger like us).

IMG_3504 The mini hot donuts outside were also lingering on our minds from our first visit. At $12 for a selection of 4 donuts, the little donut cart offers fresh, soft and fluffy spheres of heaven in 3 different flavours – strawberry jam with sugar, nutella with cinnamon, or plain sugar and cinnamon. We had to try one of each, and of course, got a second of the nutella. The nutella was definitely the winner, but all of these little treats were “amaze-balls”. They’re extremely filling so getting 4 for 2 people is slightly ambitious unless donuts are your entire meal – but the first bite was a delightful experience and they’re definitely something special!
The lemonade stand outside also served rose lemonade or your regular lemonade. They looked extremely fresh and healthy, so we wanted to try one of each. Unfortunately, the rose lemonade is fizzy, which ruins it a bit – but lemon was sour but tasty!

Visiting the Grounds and going to the Garden Bar is more for the try-it-all of the experience – when you’re at the Garden Bar, you can have a bit of this and that and really make the most of what there is to offer. Then again, if you really want the Grounds’ top-quality food, you’ll wait in line for the Café or the Potting Shed.

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