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The Grumpy Barista | Petersham

December 9, 2015
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Location: 110 Audley Street, Petersham, NSW 2049
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00-15:00, Sat 8:00-15:00

grumpy1The Grumpy Barista is a charming Victorian café in Petersham serving all-day breakfast and lunch. With a small outdoor and indoor space, the shop is sunlit and radiant, and service is nothing less than accommodating– in other words, anything but grumpy.

Known for its fresh pastries and cronuts, TGB also serves stunning dishes like the Figs on sourdough with ricotta and Italian Hot Pot with baked eggs cooked in spicy tomato sugo.

Our Experience: We started our morning with a Chai Latte ($4) and a Banana Honey Smoothie ($6.50) – the Smoothie was so freshly sweet and all natural. grumpy2The menu is filled with mouth-watering options, but the tomato on toast with pesto, balsamic and bocconcini mozzarella ($11) is the perfect kick-start to a day. The flavours of their basil pistachio pesto and balsamic vinegar glaze are delicious with the softly toasted sourdough and bright red tomatoes. Similar to a Caprese salad on toast, this dish is creatively divine. There are also choices of added boiled egg for $3 or added Tasmanian smoked salmon for $5. The breakfast board ($15.5) also comes complete with tomato, caperberries, feta, avocado, and toast – and since they ran out of boiled eggs, some Tasmanian smoked salmon. Though this dish was on the simpler side, the freshness of ingredients made the board a more-than-fulfilling meal. For a hearty fresh fix and homemade feel, The Grumpy Barista is the ultimate place to get out of a ‘grumpy’ morning.

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