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The Vogue Cafe | Macquarie Park

December 5, 2015
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Location: Shop 60, Level 2 (near car park entrance by Myer), MQ Centre

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30-17:00 / Thu 7:30-20:30 / Sun 8:30-17:00


tvc1 The Vogue Café is an all-day-breakfast and lunch spot tucked away in Macquarie Shopping Centre, known for its over-the-top milkshakes. Always buzzing but more than accommodating, the café is large with an outdoor area, but also tight. Decorated in cute coffee-shop-style, the attention to detail is beautiful with little wall and table deco that takes the café away from the shopping centre feel.

The milkshake and food specials are updated regularly on the Vogue Café’s social media profiles, but there other delicious choices are on the menu everyday. tvc2 From 7:30 onwards, the café serves breakfast dishes like the fruity French toast, TVC mix-up and the BEB (bacon and egg baguette).

For lunch, TVC also offers burgers, pastas, salads and more. The drinks menu is where the treats are really hiding though, like the dairy-free sugar-rim frappes – including the berry frappe and ‘peach as bro’, the Chocolate-rim smoothies, and the magic milkshakes – including the classics and Nutella or peanut butter ‘killer shakes’. This café also offers kid-size milkshakes ($4) and baby-ccinos.


tvc3 Our Experience: The milkshake special on our visit was the ‘malt as f**k’ ($8.5), made with a blended chocolate-frappe and topped with a chocolate-covered waffle, Crunchie pieces, Cola-gummies, Nutella spread, a Malteser and more! We also ordered a sugar-rim peachy mango ($7) to balance the cocoa-overload. Both were unbelievable, but the peachy mango was definitely easier to drink down than the daily special. The frappe was a perfect sweetness, but the milkshake is extremely thick and heavy, so ordering it with a full meal is a true challenge. We also went for the TVC big brekky ($17), served with eggs, bacon, tomato, sausage, mushrooms, hash browns and toast. The plate came with plenty of food for a heart-filling breakfast and our poached eggs were flawlessly runny. The two in-house crepes ($12) were served with maple syrup, icing sugar, and a choice of strawberries or bananas – but a selection of extra toppings are also available for $1+. We chose the bananas and added mixed berry compote with Greek yoghurt; the crepes were made thin and warm, and the toppings added lightness with the fresh yoghurt and healthy berries. With so much to pick from, we ordered way too ambitiously, but the Vogue Café is without a doubt the best food spot in Macquarie Centre.

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