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Can of Sardines | Food at Sydney Fish Market

December 14, 2014




The one and only reason to go is for the food at Sydney Fish Market – a 20 minute walk from the Darling Harbour-Pyrmont bridge or a 5-minute drive/cab ride from city. Be aware of parking – with tour buses and delivery trucks, the lot is chaotic. The walk is simple if you have and know how to function Google maps, but we promise that getting there is worth it.

The market is set up on a harbour with a warehouse of affordable, fresh counter-serve seafood and individual fine-dining restaurants.

Note: Don’t be fooled by the pungent smell when you first walk in, it’s overwhelming with all the fresh seafood being distributed.

Opening every day at 7am and closing around 4-5pm, we recommend taking your lunch to the warehouse area and grabbing a self-service table at Doyle’s Restaurant (first one to your right). Doyle’s has everything every other stall has from battered fish and chips, fried seafood basket, grilled BBQ basket and individual seafood dishes (oysters, muscles and more).

We’ve tried the fried seafood plate for 2 and Doyle’s definitely has the best one. We’ve also tried the grilled BBQ platter which was fresh and with spicy taste. Doyle’s muscles come in a creamy white wine sauce and oysters can be bought individually or by the dozen. Seafood platters usually come with a variety of scallops, squid, oysters, prawns, octopus, fish and fries.

If you take some time after your meal to have a walk around, the harbour-side is a great place to sit and relax as long as you can avoid the seagulls. Also, further inside are shops and supermarkets that sell little kitchen appliances, honey and dressings, plants and flowers and our particular favourite – a chocolate-dipped-everything store in the back. They have chocolate-dipped figs to nectarines to strawberries to bananas to mangoes and more, as well as smoothies and fresh coconuts. If you’re looking for some fresh fruit to take home with you also try the fruit store in the back – they have just about fresh everything, but at a higher price.

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