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The Grounds of Alexandria

October 5, 2015

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The Grounds of Alexandria are infamous for its coffee, kitchen gardens, and cafés. If you’ve never been, it’s certainly a must-try, and an experience you can’t forget! We started with a quick stroll around the “grounds” to make sure we didn’t miss anything out – and to make sure we chose the best place to eat! You can expect to find several cute stalls of pastries and fruits, like mini donuts and tarts, as well as fresh berries and lemonade. A little further, you’ll also find a warehouse of all the cheese, meats and Italian goodies (think colourful pasta and gourmet pizza!) you could ask for. We also noticed a boutique Florist with all kinds of succulents and other plants to pick from. What’s even more interesting is the petting farm on the grounds, including an enormous pig named Kevin Bacon, a goat, a pony and some chickens.
But the real food is hidden in two stunning cafes – The Grounds and The Potting Shed – and at the Garden Bar. Both cafes had a substantial wait, but the Garden Bar offered standard meals and we were particularly attracted to the menu at the Potting Shed. Garden-themed as the name suggests, this café is all nature and greens, decorated like a jungle of plants, vines and flowers, with small shovels and pots as table pieces. The menu is short and sweet with share plates, salads, sides, share mains and desserts. There’s also a selection of wines, but we went for the Daily Fruit Juice and Fresh Lemonade – delicious. Despite the short menu, the choice is still difficult, but we can’t regret the Chilli-Salt Squid topped with fresh lemon ($15), the Roasted Baby Beets salad ($16) and the Char-grilled Marinated Lamb Cutlets ($29). The chilli-salt squid was lightly tossed and freshly flavoured, which paired perfectly with the mix of leaves, beets, goat’s cheese and more. The Lamb cutlets were irresistible, cooked beautifully medium-rare with infused vegetables. We would have loved to try their desserts, like the Chocolate Pot signature, but we were absolutely stuffed! Plus, there were donuts waiting outside…

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